My first Playground CommunicATion STATion!

Well, it took a few years, from my first board created for a local museum in Wisconsin back in 2017 to an installation at the JUMP playground in Jefferson County, Washington, this summer.  The world had other plans with a pandemic, but now the CommunicATion StAtion is back and better than ever.  It is double-sided, and we have made more improvements since this board was installed this summer.  We have added features on the back side that display information on what AAC is, and how to use it with non-speaking children and adults.

We have also created smaller specific boards to be placed strategically in and around playground spaces because communication happens everywhere, not just where the large static board is planted.  The large core board is the focal point placed in the most strategic and optimal space and with smaller content-specific language placed in strategic spots on play equipment, it allows children to be in proximity to the language they need at all times.  We are excited to be the first to provide three smaller boards with every large CommunicATion StATion that is customized for your space.

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