Consulting, Customization & Trainings

Sharon has experience customizing and tailoring training to your school or therapy centers’ unique needs.


Start with thinking about your student, child or client. What activity or task do they want to participate in? What context is the activity occurring in and what tools do they need to succeed? Asking these questions can help you and your team begin to frame the answer. Not sure how to answer these questions? Sharon is able to consult with your team to help bring solutions and develop outcomes for all! Everyone can use velcro but let Sharon help you learn how to use it successfully and effectively!

Sharon has extensive experience in the following:

  • SETT Teaming Process
  • Training Paraprofessionals in AT and AAC (Google Classroom)
  •  UDL with AT (a computer used to be AT)
    • Visual supports
    • Core word classrooms
  • Teaching not Punishment
  • Autism supports
  • Universal AAC Classroom
  • LOW-TECH solutions (communication, writing, reading, math)
  • High-tech solutions
  • There’s an App for that!
  • Low incidence population custom educational modifications, training, lesson plan support
  • Access to the curriculum with AT
    • CVI
    • Complex Communicators with Complex bodies
    • Switch
    • AAC (individual consulting solutions)